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Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet
The paper "Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet" is a good example of an assignment on performing arts. This is an introduction or prelude to a ballet which starts tentatively and gathers speed, just like a real romance of the heart. To me, it sounded melancholic and heart-rending at the beginning. It is very different from Prokofiev’s ballet of the same name, where pride and swaggering give the rhythm.…
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The Current Language of Derivative
The paper "The Current Language of Derivative" is a great example of a math assignment. Differential equation first appeared explicitly in a geometric language. In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published a book called Mathematical principal which credits him as the inventor of calculus.…
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The Midland Area
The paper "The Midland Area" is a great example of a humanitarian assignment. The study provides an overview of the Midland area. The Midland is broadly divided into two: North Midland and South Midland. North Midland concentrates on the Pennsylvania area. South Midland area covers the Appalachian highlands.…
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Website Navigation Design Strategies
The paper "Website Navigation Design Strategies" is a great example of an assignment on design and technology. Website navigation scheme is of vital importance for the reason that it largely influences the visitor’s experience and his first impression – positive or negative.…
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Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
The paper "Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer" is a worthy example of a chemistry assignment. Synthetic organic silicates that broke in the polymer nanocomposites are customized with a surfactant modifier. Most of the surveys show that the segments of copolymers like TPE-Es when engaged, they result in the connection with different segments.…
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Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning
The paper "Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning" is a worthy example of a math assignment. Matrix analysis refers to the use of different algebraic, mathematical, statistical and mechanical techniques in order to make fundamental analyses such as future forecasting, business planning, etc.…
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American Teen Cancer Society
The paper "American Teen Cancer Society" is a wonderful example of an assignment for English. As a member of the American Teen Cancer Society, I have been involved in some awareness programs and volunteer activities – on a very superficial level, I must confess. It was only when my own grandfather was diagnosed last year to be in the terminal stages of cancer, that I truly comprehended the nature of the disease.…
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What Differentiates Academic Writing from Other Types of Writing
The paper "What Differentiates Academic Writing from Other Types of Writing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on English. Academic writing focuses on making the understand all about the topic. Other forms of writing either emphasize on providing one side of the knowledge or offer a deep critical analysis while academic writing informs, educates and persuades – all at the same time.…
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What is Jazz
The paper "What is Jazz" is a great example of a music assignment. Jazz is commonly referred to as “America’s Classical Music,” giving credits to its country of origin. Jazz blossomed in the US during the 1920s, however, history tells us that the timeline of jazz started in 1817 with the New Orleans city government’s establishment of “Congo Square” as an official site for music and dance.…
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Wireless Sensor vs. Optical Fiber
The paper "Wireless Sensor vs. Optical Fiber" is a great example of an assignment on technology. This paper will present a comparison among the Wireless Sensor Network and the Optical Fiber. The basic motive behind this comparison is to show that the Wireless Sensor Network is better than the Optical Fiber.…
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Soccer vs. Football
The paper "Soccer vs. Football" is a delightful example of an assignment on sport and recreation. Association football is a team sport and is more commonly recognized or known as either ‘soccer’ or ‘football’ which is played between two teams each comprising of eleven players. This sport is considered to be the most popular sport in the world.…
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Different Rhetorical Effects
The paper "Different Rhetorical Effects" is a wonderful example of an English assignment. The two passages detailing the effects of nuclear power plants in America are quite different in their formation and rhetoric. Passage 1 is quite straightforward and presents the benefits of nuclear power plants with adequate methods to dispose of the wastes.…
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Climate Change on the Checkerspot Butterflies
The paper "Climate Change on the Checkerspot Butterflies" is a worthy example of an assignment on environmental studies. The purpose of the trial was to study the effect of climate change on the population of two species of checkerspot butterfly. One question asked in the study was whether precipitation variability affected the interaction between host plant and larvae.…
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Did Albert Einstein Have a Positive or Negative Impact on the World
The paper "Did Albert Einstein Have a Positive or Negative Impact on the World" is a good example of an assignment on formal science and physical science. Albert Einstein surely had a positive impact on the world because he asked people to utilize their skills and intellect to the best possible levels. He gave them food for thought through his theories and philosophies.…
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Indulgent Parenting Style and the Authoritative Style
The paper "Indulgent Parenting Style and the Authoritative Style " is a worthy example of a social science assignment. Life as we know it is a dynamic journey. Parents who were nurtured 40 years ago may suddenly find themselves in a different time zone. Thus, their style of parenting would certainly be different.…
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Why is it Important to Have Background Information on a Future Employer
The paper "Why is it Important to Have Background Information on a Future Employer" is a delightful example of a professional assignment. Researching of the potential employer is a very essential part of any job search. An employee who researches the potential employer and has a sound knowledge of the company’s history, company’s main business, the financials of the company so on and so forth.…
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The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US
The paper "The Changing Work Roles and the Family of the US" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. The work roles and the family structure within the United s have changed drastically. This has happened because there have been economic problems for the families and the people in particular. …
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Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure
The paper "Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure" is a great example of an assignment on physics. Fluids are those substances which have the property of flowing. Liquids and gases are fluids. The normal force acting per unit area on the surface of the fluid is called pressure. If A is the normal force acting on the unit area A then pressure P = F/A.…
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A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia
The paper "A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia" is a perfect example of an assignment on politics. Barack Obama gives a general overview of the sad history of race relations in his speech by using several personal experiences. He speaks of the many injustices black Americans have endured over the years.…
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Comairs System Glitch
The paper "Comair’s System Glitch" is an excellent example of a business assignment. The coveted airline company Comair was making a sizeable profit with its decade-old flight crew scheduling software. In the initial phase it was ahead of most of its competitors, but over a period of time, it lost the steam because it was not able to manage the flight schedule as efficiently.…
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English Voice and Tense
The paper "English Voice and Tense" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment. Voice refers to the verb placement in the sentence in relation to the subject. There are two voices known as active and passive. The grammatical difference between the two voices is based on this point.…
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Followers and Organizational Problem Solving
The paper "Followers and Organizational Problem Solving" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Upward communication is generally a neglected sphere of research in the area of leadership in organizational behavior and functioning. Communication from senior managerial officers to non-managerial staff is mostly considered to be the cornerstone of successful running of an organization.…
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Cinderella's Different Stories
The paper "Cinderella's Different Stories" is a wonderful example of an assignment on literature. The well-loved fairy tale Cinderella first caught the imagination of children and elders alike when Charles Perrault, the French writer published it in his ‘Contes de ma Mere LOye’ in 1697.…
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Do Influence and Power Coexist
The paper "Do Influence and Power Coexist" is a brilliant example of a management assignment. Influence and power can coexist though in limited capacities, at the same time. It is important that influence is exerted in a positive fashion because power is mostly employed in a very strict and authoritative tone.…
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Soccer and Football
The paper "Soccer and Football " is a wonderful example of an assignment on sport and recreation. One of the most popular sports in the world – soccer to America and football to the rest of the world, is played in over 200 countries and has a fan crazy crowd that runs into trillions! In the 19th century, a unique type of football was evolved by the Americans called American football.…
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