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Politics and Structure in Harlem Renaissance Writing
The paper "Politics and Structure in Harlem Renaissance Writing" is a great example of an essay on literature. Christo’s works of art are meant to make statements so large about the universal connections among humans that he makes them large enough (in some cases) to be seen from space. …
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Types of Variation
The paper "Types of Variation" is a great example of a statistics essay. Variation is primarily an inevitable change in either the output or the results of a process or system. This is simply because all systems tend to vary over time.…
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Benefits of Statistics
The paper "Benefits of Statistics" is a great example of a statistics essay. Statistics is mathematically based methods and techniques that permit to transform raw or unprocessed data into the information that has a certain sense. It makes possible to find relationships, trends, patterns or just to summarize the obtained information.…
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Theory of Electromagnetism
The paper "Theory of Electromagnetism" is a great example of an essay on physics. After doing my research, I found the Theory of Electromagnetism interesting. The concept came into being around 585 BC, whereby it was discovered by Thales of Miletus. He discovered that if he rubbed amber with a piece of fur, the amber could attract lightweight objects.…
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Feynman and Watson
The paper "Feynman and Watson" is a great example of an essay on physics. Feynman and Watson were both very important in their respective fields. Feyman was a physicist while Watson was a Biologist. Watson discovery was in the Molecular Biology field where he discovered the structure of the DNA commonly known as the double helix.…
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Linguistic Determinism
The paper "Linguistic Determinism" is a great example of a humanitarian essay. The idea of language determinism implicates with the concept that language determines thought. People of different languages have different ways of thinking about issues. Language holds great importance in shaping how we conceive different ideas and express ourselves.…
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Hepatitis C
The paper "Hepatitis C" is a wonderful example of an essay on medical science. Many viral diseases exist in the world today. Most of the diseases affect human. One of such viral diseases is hepatitis C. The disease occurs due to human infection with the virus.…
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Prevention of Ebola
The paper "Prevention of Ebola" is a worthy example of an essay on medical science. Ebola is a severe disease to humans and other primates. With its origin unknown to date, its name came from Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it was first established.…
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Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World
The paper "Architecture in the Modern Arab and Islamic World" is a worthy example of an essay on architecture. In the early 1960s, the American embassies in the Arab world were under threat of rising anti-Americanism and therefore there was a need for designs to reflect security measures as well as public access control.…
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Vision Proposals for Safe Cities
The paper "Vision Proposals for Safe Cities" is a wonderful example of an essay on architecture. In the 19th century, large cities got characterized by pollution and congestion which contributed to impoverished living conditions for the residents.…
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Socially Irresponsible Forms of Tourism
The paper "Socially Irresponsible Forms of Tourism" is a wonderful example of a tourism essay. There are certain forms of tourism that are socially irresponsible. Drug tourism is one such form of tourism. Traveling to places where drugs are legally and freely available is drug tourism.…
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Kenya Tourism Industry
The paper "Kenya Tourism Industry" is a wonderful example of a tourism essay. Tourism is the travel for recreation, business purposes or leisure. In reference to the World Tourism Organization, tourists are people who travel and reside in places that are outside and are not their usual living premises for less than one consecutive year for the objectives of the business, recreation, or leisure.…
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Reverse Logistics and Its Economic Benefits
The paper "Reverse Logistics and Its Economic Benefits" is a wonderful example of a professional essay. Reverse logistics is beneficial in that it allows the return of traded goods to the consumers or the unsold ones back to the manufacturer. As such, it enables the recycling of products and the reassembly of the same.…
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Labor Management in Logistics
The paper "Labor Management in Logistics" is a worthy example of a professional essay. Today, for a business activity especially manufacturing industries to remain competitive in the market, they must involve a logistic process. Logistic plays major roles by linking various stages of procurement from identifying raw materials required in the production process to delivery of products to customers.…
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Business Systems Programming
The paper "Business Systems Programming" is a worthy example of an essay on logic and programming. Three arithmetic functions available in COBOL that would make capturing and handling corrupted data easier. The addition arithmetic function makes it possible to add numerous fields in a similar ADD statement, allowing commas followed by one space to be separated.…
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Why Do We Need FOR Loop
The paper "Why Do We Need FOR Loop" is a wonderful example of an essay on logic and programming. Recursion to check for a certain condition(s) forms an important part of programming and coding. The evolution of programming languages has meant that recursion can be performed using many different tools including the WHILE and the FOR loop.…
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Discovering Science Through Social Media: Existence of Other Earth-like Planets
The paper "Discovering Science Through Social Media: Existence of Other Earth-like Planets" is a worthy example of an essay on science. The social media are rich with the information that there are other Earth-like planets orbiting stars in the Galaxy. The New Times is leading in the role that social media plays in science discovery.…
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Ecoli Outbreak
The paper "Ecoli Outbreak" is a worthy example of an essay on agriculture. The American States were affected on September 14, 2006, by the outbreak of a multistate infection that is spread by Escherichia coli found in fresh spinach. The strain that causes this infection is Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) O157: H7. 205 people were infected distributed in 20 states in the United States.…
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Globalization of the Food System
The paper "Globalization of the Food System" is a wonderful example of an essay on agriculture. Globalization of the food system is the best way to go for the way to go for, as no country is self-efficient. Because of the globalization of the food system, countries will produce in large quantities and high qualities for trade with other countries.…
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Theories of Democratic Civil-Military Relations by James Burk
The paper "Theories of Democratic Civil-Military Relations by James Burk" is a wonderful example of a military essay. In a keen observation, one can deduce that the civil-military relations influence is large. It entails indirect and direct dealings that institutions, citizens have with military over-regulation, use of military and funding.…
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Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
The paper "Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act" is a wonderful example of a military essay. Whereas the events of September 11th have had the most impact upon immediately redirecting the energies of the United States intelligence communities, the fact of the matter is that the ultimate level of change which has been realized has not taken place all at once or even directly following the attacks.…
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Operational Risk Related to E-Commerce: IT Sabotage
The paper "Operational Risk Related to E-Commerce: IT Sabotage" is an outstanding example of an e-commerce essay. IT sabotage of cyber is a serious problem that many businesses have faced repeatedly. This is when cybercriminals access a company’s computer networks illegally to steal or tamper with the data or information stored there.…
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E-Business Venture
The paper "E-Business Venture" is an excellent example of an e-commerce essay. There is a wide range of E-business models that a business can adopt for generation of revenue. E-Commerce is an internet-based business platform that allows a business to conduct its operations and marketing activities using online measures.…
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Edge Cities Development
The paper "Edge Cities Development" is an excellent example of a geography essay.  An edge city is a town that has developed its commercial, political, and economic base independent of the central city. Edge city is a phrase for a concentration of shopping, entertainment, and businesses outside the Central Business District (CBD).…
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How Does Russia's Geography Contribute to Its Political and Economic Instability
The paper "How Does Russia's Geography Contribute to Its Political and Economic Instability?" is a great example of a geography essay. The climatic condition of the country affects economic development. The nature of the terrain and the climatic condition in terms of rainfall, winds, humidity, and temperature range influence the economic activities.…
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Outstanding Essay Topics for Students

What is the hardest part of writing college essays? Most people think it is researching and writing the content. Others argue that it is reading and grading the essay, which is done by tutors and teachers. The truth is that there is no difficult task with essays as choosing the theme or topic to write about. In fact, most students get troubled when they have to choose essay topics and write about them on their own. They contemplate about it over and over to a point they seek for professional help with topic selection and the entire essay writing work.

The topic of any essay determines the success of researching and composing the content. The ease of writing the paper depends on the topic you chose. You will not struggle a lot if you select a topic that interests you. However, choosing themes that don’t excite you would make the work too difficult to handle. When it comes to opinion essay topics, your choice should reflect something you are passionate about. In this way, you will write great arguments that would make your essay persuasive.

Institutions keep changing their guidelines and expectations when it comes to essay writing. A good example is the new requirements for SATs and essays. Students can be given an essay to read and analyze the skills used by the author. If you are not prepared well, you may neither choose the right topic for your essay nor write it as expected. Our essay writing service is available to provide any guidance you may need. With a free SAT essay sample, you will be ready for your test with a guarantee for success.

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Essay Examples and Great Ideas For College Topics

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Sample Essay: A Model for Writing an Essay

Experts have great experience in essay writing. For our writing services, the writers we have on board can count more than five years of consistent working with various college students. They have written essays on diverse topics and disciplines. They have learned the tricks to use in academic writing; you can also note this from any sample essay they have written. The topics they share with you will help you make a great difference in your academics. If choosing a topic is troublesome to you, they will help you with that. If the problem is researching or writing the content in the right style, they will share wonderful ideas on that.

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Essay Writing Samples for Popular Essays

If you need to enjoy writing your college papers, purchase our essay writing samples. We know the diverse type of essays that students are often expected to write. Some of them include:

  • Expository essays
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  • Personal essay
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  • Admission essays

The extended essay topics we have compiled cover all these categories for all levels of study. We can help students in high school as well as those in college to come up with an appropriate title for their essays. If you are a graduate student and you are preparing for your GRE tests, we can suggest many GRE essay topics that you can choose. They will help you prepare adequately for your examination. We have various samples for all the popular essays that students write in their schools. Get a free copy to help you when you are stuck.

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