Free Literature review Examples

How Performance Management Is Implemented in Empower Dubai
The paper "How Performance Management Is Implemented in Empower Dubai" is a great example of a business literature review. Across many organizations “Empower” being one of them, have various ways of implementing a performance management plan. …
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Chronic Kidney Disease
The paper "Chronic Kidney Disease" is a worthy example of a literature review on health sciences and medicine. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has become one of the significant health concerns in Australia as it leads to the increased burden of illness and early death while the majority of the population remain unaware of its causes.…
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Managing Conflict Situations
The paper "Managing Conflict Situations" is a great example of a management literature review. Conflict is often considered a favorable stimulus for the desired outcome in an organization. It may seem to be the stirrup that is likely to control a trot through a canter and a gallop or vice-versa.…
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Global Climate Crisis Awareness For Our Generation
The paper "Global Climate Crisis Awareness For Our Generation" is an exceptional example of a literature review on environmental studies. There has been an observable and evident change in the climate all across the globe. The cooler seasons have turned hotter, the icebergs have d melting and the climate, in general, has turned unpredictable.…
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The Secret Is out – Use a Literature Review Example to Guide Your Writing

Although students encounter different assignments in the course of their studies, one of the most challenging tasks they often have to complete is the literature review. This is a document that discusses published information in your subject area, usually within a specific period. You may be asked to simply provide a summary of the sources, although most tasks require students to use an organizational pattern that combines both summation and synthesis. Here, a summary implies a recap of the main ideas in the source, while a synthesis denotes reshuffling or reorganization of the information. You could interpret old material or combine those old views with new interpretations. Alternatively, you may be asked to trace the intellectual progression in your area, including major ideological debates. In this article, we examine the lessons you will likely learn by consulting such samples, as well as how you can access additional writing assistance, if necessary.

How Is a Review of Literature Important to Students?

A strong review also offers insight on areas that require further exploration or debate. For those who have limited time for research, consulting a literature review example could provide you with an overview of what has been carried out, acting as a stepping stone. However, writing such reviews requires certain researching and formatting skills that most students often lack. One way to enhance your capacity to complete such assignments is consulting a well-written literature review paper example.

Lessons from a Literature Review Example for Research Proposal

Literature reviews can be quite challenging, especially given the analysis and comparison of various sources. It can take some time and practice before a student masters the art of producing stellar reviews. However, by consulting a scientific literature review example papers, one can learn important formatting and writing tips, which he or she can then transfer to the present assignment. Other important lessons that you will learn from such a literature review example for research proposal also include that:

It Is Important to Understand the Assignment

A literature review differs from ordinary coursework in various ways, and failure to acknowledge these differences can be costly. From a nursing literature review example, for instance, you will realize that, while the primary focus of research papers is to use evidence to support your ideas and arguments, the goal of a review is to synthesize or summarize authoritative and relevant sources in the field. Although you may be allowed to have an argument to guide you, this is not quite as important as covering a number of sources. If you manage to access a well-drafted literature review thesis example, you will realize that careful analysis of the assignment sheet is critical to understanding what is required. When in doubt, ask your instructor.  

When in Doubt, It Helps to Seek Clarification  

Even after carefully reading the instructions, you may still not be clear on what is required. That quality sociology literature review example you are reading did not just happen. The writer repeatedly consulted, making sure that everything is clear before starting the writing process. If your won assignment is not very specific, for instance, consult your instructor on:

  • The number of resources desired
  • The appropriate type of sources
  • Whether to critique, synthesize, or summarize
  • Whether to evaluate the sources
  • Whether to include subheadings in your work

Models Help to Shape Your Thought in the Paper

Looking for a good example of literature review in a research paper in your field or in your area of interest will give you an idea of the themes that you may need to consider for your own paper. Much of what you intend to do may already have been done by someone else. There is a lot you can learn from their models. 

A Narrow Topic Is Better for Reviews

Some students complicate their papers by starting off with a topic that is too broad to cover in a comprehensive way. Examining literature review topics examples will show you the importance of keeping your focus narrow. Any one area of study already has hundreds of articles and books, meaning that a narrower topic allows you to limit the number of sources to explore.

Organization Is Still Critical for Effective Writing

Carefully reading through a well-structured literature review example APA will show you the need to organize your work. Assuming that you have identified your focus and narrowed it down to a thesis statement, the next step is in finding how to present your information. A good literature review outline example demonstrates the sections that ought to be included and whether to organize chronologically or thematically. In terms of structure, a well-formatted critical literature review example will have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Accurate Referencing Is Mandatory for All-Academic Work

One thing that is evident from any research literature review example is the need to accurately cite your sources within the paper and using a list at the end of the document. Although citation is generally important in all forms of academic writing, it is critical for literature reviews. Your audience needs to be able to verify your information. As such, you will find that, in a good psychology literature review example, for instance, the APA format is used to cite sources in-text and in the references section.

Proofreading for Grammar and Spelling Is a Basic Requirement

A literature review introduction example cannot be said to be of high quality if it is littered with typos and grammar mistakes. In fact, handing in a paper strewn with errors communicates to your instructor that you either do not care enough, or you are just plain incompetent. It may not be evident from the literature review example APA format, but the actual writing begins with producing an initial draft, during which little attention is paid to formatting and spelling. However, the writer must come back later to carefully read through and edit the document.

Where Can One Get a Good Literature Review Example APA?

While there is much you can learn from a literature review conclusion example, the very first step should be locating such samples. Here are some places you can look:

  • Simple searches online
  • Journal articles
  • Academic writing websites

The simplest way to look for a literature review summary example is to conduct general searches online. Just typing the word review in the search engine will likely generate hundreds of responses, from which you can choose from samples to use. However, the problem with this approach is that you will likely spend hours going through the papers without any indication as to their quality. You may end up transferring serious mistakes to your paper.  

Alternatively, you could find a literature review abstract example papers from reputable journals in your field. This has the advantage that the sources reviewed will likely be peer-reviewed and authoritative. The literature review methodology example documents from this source are also often written in conformity to academic regulations in the discipline. The articles’ reference sections could also provide you with sources for your own review, as long as the sample is connected to your area of study. However, such regulations differ, and your professor may have conflicting requirements.

Academic writing services offer one of the ideal places to find a scientific literature review example. They have tons of sample papers and drafts, which could guide you as you prepare for your writing. You also get the chance to work with experienced and competent professionals who can offer free advice on how to choose a topic and format your paper. In fact, rather than just asking for a sample, you could go ahead and ask the service to provide a fresh custom written literature review. You get to relax as experts work on your paper. You also get a lot of other benefits, including on-time delivery and originality guarantee. Top services also apply strict measures to ensure that their writers have Masters and Ph.D. qualification and that they can deliver quality papers at the highest level. Next, we look at how you can order.

Getting an Example of Literature Review in a Research Paper 

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